Art Works on Oakland / Johnna Papin Art
Painting is a source of great personal pleasure for me as well as a way to connect with others and to the world around me.  I work in transparent and opaque watercolor, gouache and oil.  I like to paint cityscapes and the figure in everyday settings. I paint in a representational manner, focusing on color, shape and design rather than a realistic portrayal of my subject.  It is important to me to experiment with different media and subject matter in an effort to continually to grow as an artist.
"Lunch for Two"  11 X 14  Oil

Art Works on Oakland / Johnna Papin Art

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"Colectivo Coffee"  11 X14  Oil

Art Works on Oakland is a working art studio and gallery. Visitors are invited to watch the artist at work and to enjoy the work displayed in the gallery.
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"Chef-Les Geraniums: Le Barroux"
28 X 20 Watercolor and Gouache