Johnna Papin Figure Gallery
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When I paint the figure, I am not concerned with presenting a realistic portrait. I want my figure to be part of an interesting design that covers the entire surface of the paper or canvas.  I want to emphasize color, shape and expressive gesture and often flatten and decorate my figures to achieve that goal. In many of my paintings, I do not give my figures detailed facial features because I don’t want the face to be the focus of the work.  I prefer the figure to be integrated into the whole, one part of the overall design.  I often work from photos, but use them only as a jumping off point for my imagination, more often than not, I alter the background, colors and clothing to suit my design.
"My New Red Shoes"   20 X 16  Oil
"Concert on a Bench"  15 x 20
 Watercolor and Gouache

“Manhattan Morning"  20 X 16, Watercolor and Gouache
“Girls in the Gallery” 15 X 20, Watercolor and Gouache
“Sisters” 30 X 22, Watercolor and Gouache
"Just A Sip" 16 x 20 watercolor and gauache
Pink Boots 28 x 20 watercolor and gauache SOLD
 “Concert on a Bench” 15 X 20, Watercolor and Gouache
“The French Chef” 28 X 20, Watercolor and Gouache
“Waiting at the Met”  16 X 20, Watercolor and Gouache
"My New Red Shoes"   20 X 16  Oil
"Lunch for Two"  23 x 20  Oil
“Still Waiting” 8 X 10, Oil on Board
"Dancing in New Orleans"  28 X 20, Watercolor and Gouache, SOLD
"Oh What a Night" 20 X 28,  Watercolor and Gouache
"At the Met" 19 X 16, Oil
"Really' 11 x 12 oil